Is the YΞS Race good?

Really good?

Where and when is it?
Sunday September 01, at Stade d'athlétisme des Evaux, Onex
All the informations about access, transport, parking are on the "How to get there?" page.

How do I register?
Just clic on "BOOK RACE" and follow the instructions.

I don't have a team, how can I join one?
Join the YΞS Bootcamp workout and make some friends.

What is the age categories?
No age categorie, you just need to be over 16!

Can I bring friends/familly to watch?
Highly recommended!

I'm a beginning, can I participate?
Of course, the YΞS Race is made for you!

What is included in the YΞS Race registration fee?
A YΞS Race tee shirt and a YΞS Race wrist band.
+ an unlimited amount of happiness.

Where/when can I pick up my dossard?
On the D day, please pick it up minimum 30min before the race.

Can someone else pick up my dossard?
YΞS buy showing your confirmation email and name, but then if you are late he/she will have to race for you!

What is the cancelation policy?
Cancelation not allowed! You book it you do it!
You can still transfer your registration to someone else.

Can I transfer my registration to someone else?
YΞS maximum 24hrs before the race.

What should I bring? What do I need on the day?
Sport shoes (Mix running/training), sport clothes, water, and of course good vibes!

What time should I arrive on the YΞS Race day?
The earlier the better, so you can fully enjoy your day!
But minimum 30min before your starting time!

Are we winning something?!
GLORY for everyone BABY!
And top 3 fastest teams will receive amazing gift from our sponsors (Melsfit, Super Sport, Technogym, YΞS Bootcamp).

Is there a time limit for completing the YΞS Race?
There is a time limit of 5min per stations, no total time limit, the fastest should finish in less than 1 hour and the slowest in maximum 1h15min.

Why do I have a starting time?
For a better organisation 5 teams are taking the start every 30min.

How do you make the ranking?
Each team as to finish the race as fast has possible, the fastest have the best rank.

What happen if we cannot finish a station?
You have 5min maximum to finish every station, then you run a lap before going to the next one. If you can't finish one, time penalty will be applied depending how many repetitions are missing.

How do you know nobody's cheating?
Each team has a judge to help and control the correct execution of the stations.

What time do i run?
You can choose your starting time (between 10:00 and 15:00) while booking your team.

Can I buy food/water there?
Of course, Daydokoro will be there to cook like a chef for you. Check out his menu here.